Brit woman wants to open the world's first vagina museum

Florence Schechter is trying to raise the money through crowdfunding and other social media

Talking about orgasms has always been tough for women and not many are able to talk about everything related to the vagina too. Recently, a UK woman decided to do something about the lack of enough information about the vagina and is now on a mission to open the world's first vagina museum by crowdfunding for it.

According to a report in the Metro, Florence Schechter was troubled when she didn’t find enough information on vaginas when she recently wanted to make a video on animal vaginas. The Youtuber then moved to check about vaginas in general but did not find much so she thought of making a vagina museum like they have one for penises in Iceland.

Florence has now launched a campaign to open the world’s first vagina museum that would educate people and celebrate it at the same time. The Youtuber now has a dedicated Instagram account for the cause and is hoping people would help her achieve the task of making the museum

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