Think twice before applying for revaluation'

The board has asked students to apply for revaluation only if they fail and not just to score more marks.

MUMBAI: Students of Class 10 and 12 of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) have been warned not to apply for revaluation once their board results are declared. The board has asked students to apply for revaluation only if they fail and not just to score more marks.

Last year, the Mumbai division of the MSBSHSE received around 6,000 applications for revaluation. For a student to apply, he or she needs to fill a revaluation form and deposit a certain amount at the MSBSHSE Vashi office (for Mumbai students), along with a “recommendation letter” from the subject teacher of the student. Once the board receives the amount and the application form, it forms a special committee comprising moderators who scrutinise the papers – both assessment and moderation.

Subhash Bhorse, in-charge secretary of MSBSHSE Mumbai division told The Asian Age, “Many a times, even students who score average or good marks apply for revaluation because of pressure from their parents or schools. These students mostly end up scoring even less marks as the special committee comprises expert teachers who usually conduct strict assessment as compared to regular subject teachers of schools.”

Mr Bhorse suggested that students first re-check their answer papers which they can get through requests for photocopies of the papers. “By going through the photocopies, the students, with the help of their teachers, can figure out what is wrong and accordingly, apply for revaluation only after giving it a second thought,” he said.

Moreover, another drawback of the revaluation pattern of MSBSHSE is that there is no deadline for when the revaluation results are declared. “It completely depends on the committee and they never give a time limit for declaring the results. So, students need to think twice before applying for revaluation,” Mr Bhorse said.

However, if students have failed by a mere two to five marks or are 100 per cent sure they would have scored better but were given less marks can or are supposed to apply for revaluation.

Usual process

Students are supposed to compulsorily take photocopybefore revaluation; however, applying for revaluation after getting the photocopy is a choice of the student. Students
are supposed to apply for revaluation or photocopy, which cost Rs 300 and Rs 400 respectively, within five days after the results are declared.

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