Site crashes bedevil SSC online process

Students can fill the forms on

Mumbai: It’s the time of the year when Secondary School Certificate (SSC) students’ online exam applications have to be filled for the March 2018 examination. The forms, which are filled by the teachers, are, however, steeped in issues due to the Maharashtra board website’s tendency to crash constantly and its slow server.

Most Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) schools started receiving the students’ personal details and filling online forms early in September. However, teachers will start uploading the same between Monday and November 11.

The teachers miss earlier, simpler times when things were done offline. “In the offline pattern, we only needed to write down the details and give the bundle of applications to the MSBSHSE’s Vashi office. But now, it takes around 40 to 45 minutes just to fill a single form and still it keeps on buffering,” said Jyothi Prakash, a teacher.

Members of Parent-Teacher Associations (PTA) feel the schools should instead appoint a specialist to complete this task. Harsha Adarkar, a parent said, “If a school appoints a computer expert, he or she would be able to manage the task quickly and without any errors. But in order to save some pennies, the schools won’t do so and ask the teachers to do everything. Teachers, who are already stressed with academic pressures, are facing a difficult time.”

There have been complaints where the details were wrong or misspelled.

However, on the other side, MSBSHSE officials feel that the online application will bring clarity in the process for students, teachers and the board.

The online applications of regular students, repeaters, external students and students of the class improvement scheme as well as those who wish to appear for the exam for a few subjects can fill the forms on

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