Cops' memes still not manifesting results on road

The Mumbai police's Twitter handle has also time and again reacted quickly by posting replies to tweets.

Mumbai: In order to create awareness for safe driving, Mumbai police’s Twitter handle has been posting interesting pictures, memes and messages in an attempt to appeal to the youth. But while the memes have been a hit, the results are yet to manifest on the roads. DCP Akbar Pathan (cyber crime) said, “As long as the ‘memes’ are educative and funny, kids are attracted to them. Our motto is to keep them safe and informed.”

The Mumbai police’s Twitter handle is seeking to change public perception about it allegedly having a ‘laid-back’ attitude and are coming up with quirky one liners so as to appeal to the masses with the help of new media. To communicate with the younger generation at large, the Twitter team of Mumbai police has uploaded several memes, pictures and jokes to appeal to them to abide by traffic rules.

While the effort of the policemen has been well received, the response in terms of actually abiding by rules and following what is right, is yet to come to be seen. Police officers have time and again asked motorists to follow rules but the result is too poor when it comes to actually doing so rather than just liking the post or retweeting it.

From making pop culture references to cracking jokes as a means of sending across serious socially relevant messages to the public, the Twitter team of the police department has proven to be witty. The Mumbai police’s Twitter handle has also time and again reacted quickly by posting replies to tweets immediately and guiding complainants with the correct procedure.

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