Mercury to rise further this week: MET

The temperature in Mumbai may go up to 37 degree Celsius from the existing 35 degree Celsius.

Mumbai: Don’t let last week’s high temperature get to you yet, as it is set to rise again by two to three degree Celsius in the next few days, beginning April 11. The temperature in Mumbai is expected to rise up to 37 degree Celsius from the existing 35 degree Celsius, while in Pune it might cross 39 degree Celsius from 37 degree Celsius.

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said to The Asian Age that maximum and minimum temperature across the state might rise in coming days.

A week ago, temperature had risen by two to three degree Celsius due to anti-cyclone conditions developed in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Highest temperature was recorded in Bhira in Raigad going above 46 degree Celsius. It had claimed five lives due to heat stroke.

However, an IMD official warned that this time the rise in temperature would not be because of heat wave as seen in Bhira. According to the official, it would be because of the summer season closing in and the mercury is expected rise for a long period of time till the end of summer.

A.K. Shrivastava, senior scientist, IMD, Pune said, “Temperature at Vidarbha and Marathwada has risen beyond average. Both divisions saw the mercury crossing 40 degree Celsius. However, highest temperature recorded is in Bhira of 44.5 degree Celsius. Central Maharashtra has seen a slight increase and more than average temperature, while remaining areas have average temperature. Overall temperature will be dry and there is no possibility of rain or cyclones.”

He further added, “Currently highest temperature in Mumbai is 34 and minimum is 26.5 degree C. This might go up to 37 degree C. Pune’s maximum temperature is 39.5 and minimum 18.4 and it will rise to 39 degree C. Marathwada and Vidarbha will see the worst heat and temperature here has already crossed 40 degree C. The coming rise might damage crops.”

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