Man accused of sister's murder acquitted

The police had claimed that the bruises on Shaikh's body were result of scuffle with the victims at the time of incident.

Mumbai: A sessions court has acquitted a man charged with killing his sister and nephew, both lawyers by profession, in 2011.

The deceased were residents of Mohammed Ali Road and the prosecution case was that the accused Aslam Shaikh was upset that his sister Fahmida transferred her properties in Arsh’s (nephew) name.

“The case was based on circumstantial evidence and had no eyewitness. We pointed out to the court that the chain of circumstance was not enough to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt and hence he could not be held guilty for the killing his relatives,” said advocate Prakash Salsingikar who along with advocate Vasant Prabhu appeared for the accused.

Sessions judge R.M. Sadrani held that the prosecution could not prove the charges against Shaikh beyond a reasonable doubt and acquitted him on August 6.

Shaikh, who used to reside in Meerut, was called for identification of the dead bodies when police found bruises on his bodies and hence interrogated him.

According to police, Shaikh gave evasive answers but later confessed to killing the victims for property.

The police had claimed that the bruises on Shaikh’s body were result of scuffle with the victims at the time of incident.

Moreover, the accused was captured by in a Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of Bandra Railway Station at the date of incident and a local witness informed the police that Shaikh fropped his bag off at his place for some time. The prosecution had examined 24 witnesses.

The police had also claimed that Shaikh met his sister and nephew on October 10, 2011, at their apartment where he tried to convince them to give him a share of the ancestral property inherited by them.

A heated argument took place among the trio after which Shaikh, in a fit of rage allegedly committed the crime.

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