Would not ban animal slaughter, says Bombay HC

Mr Sakhare said that ward officers ensure that people adhere to all civic body norms while slaughtering animals during Id.

Mumbai: The Bombay high court on Monday said it would not ban animal slaughter but maintained that the safety and hygiene standards set by the Brih-anmumbai Municipal Co-rporation (BMC) should be adhered to.

A division bench of Justice S.C. Dharmad-hikari and Justice Gautam Patel was hearing a notice of motion filed by the Jiv Maitri Trust against the BMC’s policy of allocating temporary licences to people to kill animals at areas near societies during festivals.

On Friday, the court was informed by the BMC counsel, Anil Sakhare, that the civic body had made come up with a foolproof policy for slaughtering animals during festivals and it was ready to accept the petitioner’s suggestions if they were rational. The BMC also made it clear that it was not taking the notice of motion adversely.

On Monday, the petitioner’s counsel argued that there were many drawbacks in the new policy of the BMC. The petitioner’s counsel said out that all other applications must be received 30 days prior to Bakri Id but the BMC was granting licences till the last day. The petitioner’s counsel also pointed out that as per the Supr-eme Court’s direction, an-imals should be slaughtered only in abattoirs be-cause pre and post-mor-tem facilities are available there, which prevent the spread of diseases.

The petitioner’s counsel also said disposal of waste and safety of people should not be ignored and urged that animal should be slaughtered in abattoir only.

The court also observed, “If the BMC is giving lice-nces to slaughter animal at home, who will take care of the safety of children, women and elderly people who reside there?”

Mr Sakhare said that ward officers ensure that people adhere to all BMC norms while slaughtering animals during Id and that waste is also collected on time.

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