Agrarian crisis: Negligible waiver, no relief

Farmers forgo daily income, stand in lines, get only a few hundreds.

Mumbai: The Maharashtra government has claimed the farm loan waiver is biggest ever in the country. But, many farmers are disappointed as they are in dark about whether they are eligible for the waiver or not and a few farmers have received the almost negligible amount from the scheme.

Narhari Gayake, a farmer from Pus village of Ambajogai tehsil of Beed district received only Rs 336 under the waiver scheme. He was shocked as he received such a small amount. He had borrowed Rs 19,800 loans from a local credit society last year. After paying it back, Mr Gayake again borrowed Rs 21,000 and was expecting this amount to be waived.

“My father spent Rs 500 and four days for filing online form of loan waiver scheme. He would have got Rs 1,000 for his labour in those four days. But, the government waived off such a small amount. Is this how scheme is suppose to work?” asked Mr Gayake’s son Ganesh.

Mr Gayake is not alone. Several farmers feel that they have been cheated by the state. “Instead of spending such a huge amount on advertising, the government should have used that money for helping farmers,” said Dr Ajit Navale, convenor, farmers’ core committee.

Beed district’s local cooperative department has issued a clarification. In the press release, it said, “Mr Gayake would get a cheque of higher amount in next stage of the scheme as a farmer who has repaid their loans in time would get a certain amount from the state.”

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