Colleges seek money from HSC students to rectify error

The examination will be held from February 21 to March 20

Mumbai: The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) has claimed that colleges are trying to demand money from students to rectify errors in their HSC examination hall tickets. Several parents have complained that colleges are charging Rs 250 to rectify incorrect names and subject names on hall tickets.

“We have been receiving complaints from parents saying colleges are asking them to pay for correcting faulty hall tickets. Moreover, the colleges are even telling students that the money charged is according to the board’s rule,” said Subhash Borse, in-charge secretary of the MSBSHSE Mumbai division. He further said, “All we (the board) do is give the students’ details to colleges for them to issue hall tickets. Hence, colleges are responsible for any mistakes in hall tickets and they are not supposed to ask students for any money (to rectify them).”

According to him, the college is supposed rectify mistakes and reissue the hall ticket to students. Along with this, it is supposed send a letter to the board office mentioning the mistakes while paying a fine of Rs 100. “This Rs 100 is to be paid by the colleges where there is no role of any student or parent,” Mr Borse added.

Parents, however, are still struggling to get the faulty hall tickets corrected as they are being forced to shell out money. “There is already so much stress our students due to board examination pressure. On top of that, my son was issued the hall ticket where his name was spelled wrongly. Instead of Tejas, the name in the hall ticket is ‘Texas’ and the mistake is entirely by the board or the college. So why are we supposed to pay and suffer,” asked a parent based at Byculla.

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