Acted against 1 Above two days before blaze: Cop

The police inspector said the they had asked the manager to close down the establishment.

Mumbai: Adinath Ahire (52), an inspector at NM Joshi Marg police station, stated in his witness testimony that the police had taken action against 1 Above two days before the Kamala mills fire tragedy on December 29 for operating beyond the permissible hours. According to him, on December 27 he was on a patrolling duty, and the police team was supposed to ensure that no bars are working after 1.30 am.

Mr Ahire, in his statement, which is part of the chargesheet, has also said that a report about closing down of bars within their jurisdiction is sent to main control room every day.

During patrolling his team received information that pub 1 Above was open at 2.20 am which was beyond permissible limit. According to the witness, the police asked manager Kevin Bawa to close down the establishment, but he did not obey and hence the police took him to the police station and took action against him as per Maharashtra Police Act. Following which, a day later massive fire gutted 1 Above pub on December 29, 2017.

The chargesheet filed by NM Joshi Marg police in connection with fire at Kamala Mills includes statements of many police personnel who were part of rescue operation and investigation.

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