Triple murder case: Rugby player arrested

The international-level rugby player was arrested in the case in which three persons, including an ASI and an alleged gangster, were killed.

New Delhi: A 30-year-old international-level rugby player was arrested by the Delhi police special cell in connection with the Mianwali case, in which three persons, including a police assistant sub-inspector and an alleged gangster, were killed. Six people have already been arrested in the case.

The accused, Parmeet Dabas, a sharpshooter of the notorious Sonu Daryapur gang, was carrying a reward of Rs 1 lakh. Infamously known as “bhanja” of the gang, he was caught by the police on August 2. A 9 mm pistol and two live cartridges were recovered form his possession.

The police said that on April 30, gangster Monu Daryapur was having snacks near Shoken Chowk in Mianwali Nagar with his friends and two personal security officers when Sonu Daryapur and his gang members, including Parmeet Dabas, opened fire at them. Bhupender, ASI Vijay Kumar and one Arun succumbed to multiple gunshot injuries, while constable Kuldeep Sharma was severely injured. On August 2, acting on a tip-off, the police arrested Parmeet from South Delhi. He has represented India in rugby in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Uzbekistan.

In 2007, he fell into bad company and was arrested by the Delhi police in a murder case of Ranvir Rana in Sonipat and was in jail for around 3 years. Parmeet was in need of money to repay a loan and discussed his financial crisis with Sonu Daryapur, a distant relative. He agreed to assist him in eliminating Monu. Parmeet procured six SIM cards on fake IDs. Prior to the incident, he had arranged a floor at Nihaal Vihar for other gang members on his ID.

They kept tracking Monu for three-four days before killing him. On April 30, Parmeet lo-cated Monu at Shoukeen Chowk and informed other gang members. The gang fired indiscriminately at Monu and other occupants of the car and ran away from the spot.

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