Man throws acid on wife at Paharganj

The woman said her husband threw acid on her. Nisha received 45 per cent burn injuries, while Laxmi got 40 per cent burns.

New Delhi: The police arrested a man for allegedly throwing acid on his wife's face suspecting her of having an extra-marital affair.

Police said that two women had sustained burns after one of the women’s husband allegedly threw acid on suspecting his wife’s fidelity, in Paharganj.

According to the police, Nisha (24) and Laxmi (50) were sleeping in a single room shanty when Nisha’s husband threw acid on them. Nisha had been staying with her parents for the past one-and-a-half months following her strained relations with her husband he was having strained relations with her husband Ritesh who has earlier been arrested in theft and snatching cases, they added. The woman alleged that her husband threw acid on her. Nisha received 45 per cent burn injuries, while Laxmi sustained 40 per cent burns. The accused has, meanwhile, been arrested, the police added.

Recently, a 23-year-old man threw toilet cleaner on a woman's face after she rejected his marriage proposal. This naturally led to an outrage and serious concern over the rise of stalking and acid attacks in the city and the inactiveness by the Delhi police checking for such cases.

“We receive three types of stalking cases — one where a friend or colleague stalk a woman and pressurise her to accept their love proposal, second where a woman talks an unknown man on social media and he later starts stalking and harassing her and third wherein the victim is in a relationship with the accused and they get sexually involved, but later when she stops talking to the accused, he threatens the victim with her pictures and videos or turn up at her house to harass her.

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