Will restore lost glory of South Delhi, says Ramesh Bidhuri

South Delhi BJP candidate Ramesh Bidhuri said Arvind Kejriwal has hit a new low in politics and degraded the CM post.

New Delhi: Terming Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal as a “political fanatic”, South Delhi BJP candidate and sitting MP Ramesh Bidhuri said that he is an escapist and is only greedy for power for which he can go to any extent.

In an interview to this newspaper, Mr Bidhuri said that Mr Kejriwal has hit a new low in politics and degraded the post of CM. He is the only CM who is being thrashed by the public because he is a loud mouth and has made false promises, said Mr Bidhuri.

When asked about his priorities for the South Delhi constituency, the sitting MP said: “I will work to restore the glory of Mehrauli area which is having pre-Islamic history. Mehrauli holds treasure of Delhi’s history, from the Tomars, Chauhan dynasty to the Mughal empire. However, this treasure trove is slowly being forgotten by its own people. Delhi is not only Chandni Chowk or Delhi-6, the city has much older areas within its territory, and having many chapters of history and Mehrauli is among those places. I will work to establish this area on the tourist map which will generate jobs for youth.”

He further said that not even a single MP in the past ever raised voice for beautification and restoration of historical monuments in South Delhi.

The lighting at Qutb Minar premises will be like that of the Red Fort in couple of months. Further restoration work of Bhul Bhuilaiya, Rai Pithoragadh is underway, Mr Bidhuri said while giving account of his work.

The MP looked confident to win the election and hit out at his opponent candidates as outsiders.

“Both the Congress and AAP didn’t have even one candidate. Congress who was ruling for the past 70 years and AAP who have all the 10 MLAs in this constituency will not get even one vote from the 20 lakh voters in the area. First Mughals ruled, then British did but now South Delhi won’t be ruled by any outsider,” Mr Bidhuri said.

Slamming AAP to cover up their failure under the shadow of full statehood demand, Mr Bidhuri said that it is only a political stunt. Delhi’s development has nothing to do with it as only law and order and urban land are with the Centre, rest is with the Delhi government.

Their work is to build schools, colleges, hospitals, and roads, manage unauthorised colonies etc which has nothing to do with the concept of statehood. It is only an excuse made by politicians when they fail to perform, he said.

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