Here are 5 must haves if you're vacationing this summer

Here's a handy guide of five natural must haves to carry on your next backpack adventure.

Today more and more travellers are taking to adventure travel than ever before and this generation of backpackers, while they want to sweat it out in the sun, they also want to do it looking chic! So while a well-edited selfie can camouflage any inconsistencies in looks, in reality completely eliminating any collateral damage to the hair and skin due to sun exposure may be difficult.

And also just because the sun is out there shouldn’t discourage anyone from exploring nature’s wonders. So here’s a handy guide of five natural must haves to carry on your next backpack adventure.

Lip balm: A natural lip balm could be a saver for the lips on a trek. When you are limited to the amount of water you can carry and as you ascend through thickets or hike through plains with the sun looking straight down at you, your lips are bound to feel parched as does your throat. A few sips of water can quench the thirst and few drops of jojoba oil massaged onto the lips bring them back to looking pouty, fresh and rosy.

Moisturizer: The skin is bound to dry out on a balmy day in the sun. Moisturizing it is the best and easiest way to tackle the heat, lest the skin gets deeply damaged and starts showing signs of premature aging. The natural moisturizing alternative would be applying a few drops of jojoba oil to the skin before stepping out in the sun.

Hair conditioner: Hair, like the skin gets drained off its nourishment while exposed to the sun and dust for long. It is the scalp and the roots that get affected the most in the heat. An easy and effective way to secure the health of the hair is by gently massaging a few drops of olive oil mixed with tea tree oil on the scalp and hair before bedtime. The oil continues to provide nutrition for hair on the following day when you are out in the scorching sun and keeps them looking great for those selfies!

Shampoo: Now that the precautionary measure has been taken, make sure you take the next step of maintenance. After a day in the sun, you’re going to need to wash your hair properly to bounce it back to life. For this, use a natural shampoo or a shampoo bar, made from either sandalwood, castor or with rosemary and lavender. In case, hair has come in contact with hard water or even otherwise, these shampoos will help treat any damage, and leave the hair with an all-natural glow and shine. No one will ever know what your hair has gone through on that adventure but for the selfies ;).

Soap: Soaps are a default. Of course, you always carry your personal soap wherever you go and but we have an insight to offer here. So a soap may wash and cleanse the dirt, dust, sweat off you off, but don’t forget, vacations often also mean added stress to the body. This added stress often affects the skin adversely. Use a soap that suits your skin type. Carrots, aloe vera, cucumber and papaya based soaps work well on oily skin, whereas raw chocolate, lavender, strawberry or lemongrass work with dry, parched skin.

Apart from the above tips, don’t forget to drink loads of water, and cover your head when it’s particularly bright outside. But most importantly, don’t forget to have loads of fun!

The article has been Inputs from Mr. Amit Sarda, Managing Director, Soulflower.

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