New Year 2019: Here are weekender plans to make most out of your upcoming vacation

People who are in charge with planning the vacation party are the ones who stay on edge and for them the stakes are always high.

Planning a vacation is a daunting task and when it’s around the New Year’s, where everyone is travelling everywhere it can be quite a hectic task. Reason being simple- we want to plan it ardently and execute it efficiently. For starters, there is a constant fear of missing out or a concern that you won’t have anywhere interesting to go.

People who are in charge with planning the vacation party are the ones who stay on edge and for them the stakes are always high. Let’s face it, we all have those people who just show up and you are left struggling to hang on to the planning, expenses and itineraries!

We want this to be a post that you can use if you want to plan a vacation of your own that too without losing the fun and excitement that awaits you this New Year! Find below some vacation planning hacks and moonwalk your way to 2019 with a vacation that your friends and family won’t forget any time soon!

Be reasonable: In the event of enjoying a vacation you should know that all plans have their limitations! Hence prioritise your vacation in a way so you enjoy the proposed plan rather than aiming for something which may end up hampering your existing plans!

Schedule relaxation / stop time each day: If there weren’t dedicated set times to work and time to play, it’s pretty sure each one of us could have spent all weekend working. When planning a vacation try to get plenty of rest before first day of the trip.

If on a road trip planning halts across the route is quite beneficial. Stopping for a quick cup of tea/coffee and snacks will give you the desired energy to keep going on! You are bound to be charged up for the fun that awaits you!

Exploring with open expectations: It’s really easy to think, “okay! I’m going to visit this place and this is how it should be.” Travelling with family may be alright for that is usually your comfort zone where everyone has some duty to ensure the trip happens smoothly!

But, sometimes when you get into a group setting, and you really start thinking about things you want to do, or things you want to see, you may come out with an entirely different outcome.

It can always be a possibility that some of us walk in with one thought and walked out with an entirely different one. Permission to let things go, the courage to start new things, and friendships to form is what makes travelling a special feeling.

Somewhere on a mountain top, you could sit and talk to the universe. Somewhere on the beach side with a total stranger you could find stories real and unreal, where you could weave your own narrative. Remember the journey is as important as the destination!

Don’t go in with set opinions of how the weekend will go, leave it open to new possibilities too!

Prepare a travel budget: This includes food, bills, Netflix on-demand rentals, suspended newspaper delivery, etc. This will give you a much more honest cash-flow analysis of how to plan the upcoming New Year travel plans.

Since you are going out for a while you should prioritize in on this and close such services before you head out to save extra expenses. Before heading to the place of your choice to it is always important to assess and have a heads up of the type of expenses you are likely to incur.

Do you want to backpack, or would you rather stay in luxury hotels? What kind of hotels, restaurant and attractions would you find at the place of your vacation? New Year is a happening time for any place irrespective of geographical density, having an understanding of the amount of expenses that you will shell out will save you from burning a hole in your pocket!

Bring back that travel reward credit card: While New Year is a time to let go of worries, travel and dine enthusiastically saving some money won’t hurt you! Take out the dining and travel credit card of yours and redeem the points you have been saving till now. Most cards nowadays come with a privilege factor whereby if you touch the minimum spending requirement within a stipulated period of time you are most likely to get rewards which you can utilise in form of goodies or cash backs at various restaurants. So take these along and swipe them at places of your choice!

Options come in handy: So, you’re inspired, prepared, and on your way to saving money for your trip. But before you go buy that flight or book that hotel, check for alternate places you might have missed.

You may dream of Maldives but maybe there are great offers in Pondicherry right now. When planning a New Year vacation you would like to have at least two destinations to choose from!

And within those destinations it’s an over burgeoning task to choose from the range of places! Who doesn’t like options after all? At an OYO you have the option of various categories ranging from your friendly neighbourhood hotel to a resort hence you don’t have to sweat irrespective which place you chose to stay!

Leave room for Changes too: Having vacation goals and destinations are important, but it’s also wise to leave room for unexpected changes in plans. No one wants to get New Year parties to get ruined by unforeseen circumstances!

Hence instead of seeing obstacles as a roadblock, consider them detours and opportunities to discover something new along the way! Try alternate places and points of interest close to your chosen destination and map out the possibilities that you could explore to keep the fun going!

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