How to pack efficiently: 5 tips to pack light

Please discard your ball-gowns and tiaras while packing for your trek.

Whether you’re an “I’ll-pack-three-days-in-advance” packer or a “30-seconds-to-go-before-i-leave” packer, stuffing your bag is one of the trickiest parts when it comes to travelling. More often than not, you end up packing extra. Fret not, here’s a simple guide on how to pack efficiently:

Wear your heaviest footwear

If you need a pair of flip-flops, and shoes, wear your shoes and pack the former. This makes a huge impact on your bag’s space and weight. Also, if there are more pairs, slide them inside one another. Remove the extra packing. Another tip is to put little items in your shoes so that all your space is utilised optimally.

Follow the list you made so lovingly:

Admit it. You make a list for being better organised, but end up taking a detour. Either you pack more than what is in there, or end up forgetting something. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to just take what’s on it. Maybe cute stationery will help you stick to it. Or your mom’s reminders.

Roll it and don’t fold it

This one’s a classic tip that actually works. Rolled up clothes occupy lesser space. The ideal way is to roll every day’s pair individually. Place your undergarment first, then the t-shirt, and finally the trousers (in that order, please).

Food and water

Now, you know you’ll need something to eat and drink all the time, but you can’t possibly pack meals for all your days. So, take some, and buy anything else that you’ll need. Also, pack your mini-versions of liquid separately from food.

Don’t pack your “just in case” things

That extra lipstick, those extra pairs of shoes need to go out if you think you’ll get a chance to flaunt them. Because, you know what you’ve already packed is sufficient. Take medicines for cough, cold, nausea, but not cancer. In short, avoid thinking about extreme situations.

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