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There is no Mr perfect

Published : Jan 31, 2018, 12:10 am IST
Updated : Jan 31, 2018, 12:10 am IST

A perplexed Rahul slumped on to the settee with a groan, letting the newspaper slide on to the ground.

(Photo: Pixabay/Representational)
 (Photo: Pixabay/Representational)

A perplexed Rahul slumped on to the settee with a groan, letting the newspaper slide on to the ground.  The news item read, ‘The metrosexual man is out, the ‘indelible’ hulk is in’. Rahul deplored his reckless investment of time and money on beauty treatments in the belief that metrosexuals scored over heterosexuals in luring women.

However, the recent ‘Harris Interactive Survey’ of American women tells a different story. Women preferred rough and ready heart throbs like Collin Farrell to high-fashioned and immaculately groomed men like Hugh Grant.


What most men don’t realise is that it is more important to be aware of how we feel about how we look than how we actually look. The definition of masculinity is now up for grabs. ‘Beauty  is in the eyes of the beholder’ is conveniently shoved under the carpet .

If you, as a man, are unhappy with your body image, you have two choices. You can either change the way you look or change the way you think. I suggest that you do a little of both. To quote Amy Tan — ‘If you can’t change your fate, change your attitude.’

Here are a few guidelines:
·Accept the reality. Some things can be changed and some things can’t. No amount of cosmetic attention can transform you into Mr. Perfect Looks.
·Don’t try to fit yourself into some one’s  idealistic standards.    
·Believe in yourself. Some one else may actually be wishing to be in your shoes.
·Do regular work outs.
·What is Sexy? It is not what you think but what you think others think.
· Ask your partner what draws her. Aim to work towards it.
Sensual and sexual are better than heterosexual, homosexual or metrosexual any day!
The writer is a sexologist.
Mail him at dr.narayana@deccanmail. com


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