More people in the US choosing airports to have sex

A large number of people said they had sex with their partners, but five percent said it was with a stranger.

With more awareness about sex and a rising enthusiasm for adventure in bed, people have been trying out different locations inside as well as outside the house to have sex. Apart from a beach and public washrooms, planes have also often been places where people are known to have sex.

But a study conducted in the US has busted this myth, as it came out with findings that one in every ten traveller in the country has sex on the airport, as opposed to just eight percent people who have sex on flight.

The main reason behind this willingness to get down to it on the airport is that people get a lot of free time there since they have to reach three hours before the flight. The most such encounters took place in airport toilets, followed by general storage cupboards, under a coat and the VIP lounge.

While majority had sex with their partner on a trip, five percent mentioned that they did it with a complete stranger they met at the airport. 17 percent admitted that they were caught by airport staff as they were having sex.

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