Here are conversations that can boost your sex life

From turn-ons to physical limitations, it's important to communicate things that establish trust and allow couples to bond.

Couples across the world are constantly putting efforts into improving their sex life and are looking for different ways for that purpose, among which mental as well as physical exercises like yoga, stress relief and even diet seem to have been in focus for enhancements to performance in bed.

But while mental and physical well being does matter a lot, a connection and understanding needs to be developed between two people in order to achieve a level where both know enough about each other to make sex a great experience for both partners.

Conversations are a key way to know people and bond with them and the same applies when it comes to having sex, as these little exchanges about preferences and fantasies make a difference between mundane sexual encounters and truly intimate experiences.


When it comes to sex, you need to start talking about it from the start. Having conversations about what’s your partner’s signal for she/he wanting to have sex is very important. While most people think some things are obvious, but it’s necessary to know for sure when they are in the mood.

Turn on and turn offs

There’s no doubt that things getting your partner in the mood for some intimate time are of utmost important when a couple is getting to know each other since they play a crucial part in ensuring that equal amount of stimulation comes from both sides with both partners knowing where to put efforts.

Changes in sex

Everyone’s preferences and ideas in life change from experiences in life and sex isn’t exempt from this. While for some an emotional connection gains higher importance, others start emphasising physical compatibility. But in either case, communicating the change in your attitude and your experiences with your partner is extremely important.

Physical limits

Physical compatibility is a factor which has a great impact on how people bond in bed, but no one is s robot and naturally has limitations. To maintain a healthy sex life and also get more intimate, it is important to share physical limitations with your partner, as it’s something that also establishes a certain level of trust.

Talking about what’s next

While two people getting in a relationship would definitely race to several amazing moments in bed from the above mentioned tips, there comes a time when it’s not all about sex and the honeymoon period comes to an end. To avoid things turning awkward and mundane and to prevent the intimacy from fading away, discussing plans for the pot-honeymoon period is instrumental.

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