Couples who had sex only after marriage share experience

Couples came out on Reddit and shared experiences which included some hilarious disasters.

Rising interaction on social media enabling people to meet others and a platform provided via dating apps, young people have higher chances of sexual encounters, be it in a relationship or with multiple partners.

But there are still people who wait till tying the knot before getting some action in bed, and while there might be a lot of expectations, how can one really tell what it is like? Shedding light on this, five couples who saved it for marriage came out on Reddit to reveal what happened when they finally had sex.

Super emotional, painful, period sex

The first one recounted an experience which clearly didn’t go as planned and seemed like a mess since his wife was on her period and was very emotional about the wedding. As she was a virgin too, he described the encounter as super emotional, painful, period sex that lasted less than five seconds.

He said the second attempt the following morning lasted a few seconds more but then things did get better as they are still married after 11 years.

Misguided attempts

A woman wrote that she and her husband only got to consummate the marriage after three days as initially the man couldn’t get the correct angle and had premature release. Her being too shy to guide him in didn’t help either, but not having high expectations helped as the couple are now married for 10 years and have a good sex life.

Not the best, but fun nevertheless

Another woman said that the first time after marriage was far from being her best experience ever, but she was happy to wait till marriage as she got to explore a new thing with her husband. Even as there were no great orgasms, the first time was fun.

Maid of honour to the rescue

One user recounted how both of them forgot lube and had to text the maid of honour to get some from a store. Having stayed together for four years before marriage, they were used to not having sex, and so even as a married couple, they often forget it’s what they can do.

A series of unfortunate events

The worst has to be by a user who mentioned how strangers walked in on them as the couple was stripping in their hotel room for the night since the hotel switched rooms but didn’t give different keys to the other couple.

He also took time getting an erection after the awkward encounter, and spilled an entire bottle of lube on the bed. But the couple are able to look back at the disaster and have a good laugh over it.

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