Removing condom without asking partner is a dangerous trend

The shocking practice is not only making women feel violated but is being encouraged among men.

Using protection during sex is crucial with availability of more ways and greater willingness to get in action with more partners. But few risky practices are not only exposing young people to STDs but they also violate consent and trust between couples.

Not a very long time back, a man in France was convicted for rape after he removed his condom during intercourse without his partner’s knowledge. While the violation of consent was shocking, what’s more worrying is the revelation that this is actually a trend called stealthing.

A new study not only sheds light on the plight of women who have fallen victim to this practice, but also points out sources on the internet which are actually encouraging more men to do it. One observation was that many women who felt violated were not sure how to report it and couldn’t figure out if this counts as rape.

Removing a condom without knowledge of a partner violates conditional consent since a woman consenting to sex with a condom doesn’t necessarily agree to have sex without a condom, and hence qualifies as rape. But men encouraging others and doing so feel they are entitled to remove a condom during sex.

The idea of this entitlement comes from male supremacy where men feel violence is their natural right.

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