Here's how sugar can ruin your sex life

A sugar high leaves you feeling tired after it wears out, and that leaves you with a lower libido.

Having a healthy sex life is a major fitness goal for a lot of people today and while exercise as well as lifestyle changes are being advised for better sex, diet is also a crucial factor when it comes to boosting sexual health.

Sex is an extremely pleasurable activity and being healthy in bed just enhances this, but it seems that there are some guilty pleasures of life which are getting in the way of getting the most out of your sexual experience. Experts suggest that having a sugar high which fades in a short time, is affecting many other things including your sex drive.

While sugar might be great for your taste buds, the highs and lows causes blood sugar imbalances, leaving men struggling for getting or even maintaining an erection. But erectile dysfunction is just one of the consequences your sweet tooth has on your sex life.

A sugar high is when the body experiences a heightened level of satisfaction and leaves one feeling tired as it wears off. This causes a drop in the level of testosterone, which means the desire to have sex drops along with your sugar high.

Stress is also known to be a major threat for your libido and sugar triggers a rise in cortisol which increases stress in a person hence landing an extra blow to the sex drive which already suffered due to fatigue.

How to salvage your sex drive from the sugar high? Well you don’t need to give up sugar, but balance things out by including vegetables, proteins and good fats to keep energy levels up, while reducing intake of high-sugar and hard to digest food items.

So next time you decide to have a go at that sugary delight, keep in mind that too much of it might rob you of the pleasure in bed.

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