Women can now have sex during their period

The new product can stop fluids from entering vaginal canal but enables women to have sex without a mess.

Sex is a crucial part of life for people across the world and several platforms have enabled people to have more sexual encounters. But while it’s never a bad time to have sex, women have to stay away from action between the sheets when they are menstruating.

But this problem seems to have been solved as a new invention makes sure that women can have sex even during their periods without a mess. The disposable menstrual product called flex has been invented by Lauren Schulte, and unlike tampons it fits deeper in the vagina.

Flex covers the cervix and stops fluids from entering the vaginal canal, and this enables sexual intercourse without risk of a mess. It is made from medical-grade polymer and can be worn for 12 hours.

Schulte described abstinence from sex during periods as a tragedy because women want it most at that time. She wanted to come up with a better alternative than a menstrual product that was invented in 1930.

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