Ways women can get pregnant without having sex

Apart from penetrative sex, there are less changes that a woman might get pregnant but the possibility remains.

New contraceptives and several other ways to practice safe sex and avoid pregnancies are being introduced for young people, but unsafe sexual practices are also on a rise. While unprotected penetrative sex is known to cause pregnancy, can there be another way too?

While the chances of anything other than artificial insemination causing pregnancy are rare, experts suggest that there is still a possibility. 20 million sperm are present in 1 ml of semen, and even a tiny bit of semen can cause pregnancy if it manages to get inside the vagina.

Even though there is no possibility of semen entering the vagina without penetrative sex, sperm can survive for a longer time if it lands on the body’s warm surface, and is capable of swimming into the vagina if it’s close enough to it. If sperm lands close to the vagina during naked dry humping or oral sex, sperm can climb up in the vagina.

Apart from that if sperm from an ejaculation is left on fingers, sex toys or anything inserted in a vagina, it’s possible that sperm could survive and cause pregnancy. Unprotected anal sex is also capable of raising possibilities of a pregnancy, as the semen coming out of the rectum can get close to the vulva and swim into the vagina.

Now this might sound worrying but the chances of pregnancy by these means are very marginal. Meanwhile protection is key both for avoiding pregnancy and STDs.

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