Rising number of Indian couples stream sex for fast cash

In the Hyderabad man's case the wife was unaware but in most cases both partners know.

The story of a Hyderabad man arrested for live streaming himself having sex with his wife has shocked the nation, but as bizarre as it may sound, this isn’t an isolated incident since experts suggest that it’s a growing trend among Indian couples.

Cyber experts told that as many as 2000 couples are presently providing content to adult portals through live streaming in return for money. While in case of the Hyderabad software engineer the wife was unaware for six months, in other cases both partners know what’s going on.

The demand for Indian couples having sex on demand is high and these couples have been featured on top porn sites globally. It’s a means of making quick money by enticing the viewers by stripping and inviting them for private shows. Couples make between Rs 35000 to Rs 60000 a day through streaming their action between the sheets.

New couples are said to make around one lakh a month but pro couples make around Rs 15 lakh a month since they are famous on global as well as Indian porn sites.

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