Intense orgasms can be achieved by 'orgasm denial'

Orgasm denial can be done over longer as well as shorter time spans.

Several sexual fetishes are often revealed by surveys and are portrayed in pop culture through books and movies alike. But what might seem like just another experiment in bed might have a lot to offer when put in practice.

Orgasms are a priority for both men and women and the intensity of climaxing is what the quality of sex depends on, but BDSM is one kink where orgasm denial plays a crucial part. Before you wonder why someone would prevent an orgasm, it’s actually meant for increasing the intensity of the experience instead.

BDSM works with one partner submitting completely to the other partner who takes control. The dominant one can go for total denial, where an orgasm or any sexual activity is denied for a long span of time decided by the one in control.

Another form of orgasm denial is tease and denial where the submissive partner is aroused and then stopped just before the orgasm. This is done several times in one session after which the partner is allowed to climax. It can also be done on a long term basis with breaks between simulations lasting for hours.

The orgasm denial causes a build up within, and when the person is finally allowed to climax, everything gets a release at once causing an amazing orgasm.

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