Here are things that can deprive women of a healthy sex drive

Traumatic experiences in the past and sexual violence can have a huge impact over willingness to have sex in future.

Sex drive is extremely important for young couples as it can have a major impact in modern day relationships. A lack of sex drive can not only ruin relationships for an individual but also cause a lot of stress for both partners.

While maintaining a healthy sex drive is extremely important, focussing on things that can kill libido is the key to keep the spark alive. While sexual issues for men with ageing have been under the spotlight, an expert reveals lesser known things that can deprive women of their sex drive.

1. Sexuality suppressed by family

The kind of environment one grows up with including attitude of the family towards sex and norms in society are crucial in shaping a woman’s sex drive. In a society like ours where social or cultural considerations rule out sex as bad and something to be afraid of sexual exploration is off the cards. The anxiety about sex one experiences early on stays till adulthood and has an adverse effect on libido in women.

2. Insecurities about body image

In times when societal norms and other external factors constantly dictate what kind of body can be considered sexy or attractive, it’s highly likely that a woman may feel less confident. The unrealistic body image portrayed in media often creates pressure on women to look a certain way or maintain a certain weight to be good in bed. This anxiety can keep women away from sex and can be tackled by loving your body.

3. Traumatic experiences

Rape, incest and sexual harassment are brutal violations which can leave an impact that women may have to battle for years to come. Other negative experiences like sex under the influence of alcohol, having sex too young, painful sex and insensitive pelvic exams also contribute to a fear of sex. Women who have had such experiences can shut down sensations in genitals and sexual feelings. Women who are shamed for being sexual can also end up with such a loss of sex drive.

4. Pain

Apart from traumatic experiences and sexual violence in the past, the fear of painful sex can also put women off sexual relationships. Hormonal changes or menopause can lead to more pain during sex other than penetration and it’s only natural to not want sex if it hurts. Cancer treatment or surgical removal of ovaries or uterus can cause early menopause in women and it can also happen while nursing a baby.

5. Being too busy

A lot of stress that comes with a busy lifestyle hardly gives women the time and the space to cultivate a healthy sex drive. But this is tragic given how putting effort for a better libido can give back so much to women. Being active physically which can include dancing, hiking and exercising can be easy ways to generate a healthy sex drive and having more sex can actually alleviate stress and keep depression at bay.

6. Lack of trust

Both partners in a relationship are affected by lower sex drive in one of them and hence both share responsibility for the same. Other than testosterone levels and health, trouble between partners can translate to lack of willingness to be active in bed. A fight or any other factor leading to mistrust in a relationship can put women off sex and trust is the most important aspect not only for a healthy relationship but also for an active sex life.

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