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4 platforms to keep toddlers engaged

Published : Oct 5, 2018, 7:07 pm IST
Updated : Oct 5, 2018, 7:07 pm IST

Here are tips for parents to ensure their child’s overall development with these 4 platforms.

The easiest option any busy parent can have is to plop the little one in front of cartoon TV or handover mobile phones. (Photo: Pixabay)
 The easiest option any busy parent can have is to plop the little one in front of cartoon TV or handover mobile phones. (Photo: Pixabay)

If you have a toddler, you know that they constantly keep you on your toes! Toddlers are busybodies and their attention spans are short. They get bored easily and keeping them busy can be a challenging task.

As we know, this parenting gig calls for heady amounts of patience and resourcefulness.

The easiest option any busy parent can have is to plop the little one in front of cartoon TV or handover mobile phones.

Too much of screen time at this tender age has repercussions. Since you cannot be always around her/him, keeping them engaged with TV/Mobile phones is also a big no.

Thus, it is important to keep your child engaged with different activities to ensure better development of skills and intellect. Here are the 4 platforms that can help keeping your little ones engaged.

Flintobox: Engage your child with educational activity boxes instead of toys. Play-based educational activities for kids that promote early child development in a fun and explorative way are gaining popularity as new-age parents look to keep their kids away from gadgets.

Flintobox offers a series of various activity boxes for children aged 2 to 12 years old that are specially designed for early child development. Every box comes with activities that help the child create, play, explore and read about a particular theme while targeting 12 critical developmental areas. Typically, parents can subscribe to these boxes in 3, 6, or 12-month durations, and the boxes are delivered to their home.

Lego Blocks: Another fun, creative way to keep your toddlers busy. Buy large size blocks which are age-appropriate for your kid to negate the risk of choking. Lego blocks are a good way of teaching your kids the finer points of symmetry. First, apply some colored tape to the middle of the Lego baseplate. Second, let them use blocks of varying shapes as long as both sides are symmetrical.

StoryWalker: Stories are so fundamental and core to what makes us humans. Stories are the oldest and the most powerful form of communication the world has ever known.

StoryWalker is the first of its kind app in many ways is high in both entertainment and education as it is targeting the most amazing group in the whole world – kids (3 to 6 years of age group). A team of international voice-over artists, musicians, production crew, designers, illustrators, engineers, writers, and even psychologists are burning the midnight oil, pushing the envelope and championing the cause right now. The app features stories specific to kids in these age groups. Parents can take up attractive subscription offers to access all the existing and the new upcoming stories.

Brainsmith: Intelligence and sharp brains are an output of constant stimulation and opportunity. Brainsmith, designs and deliver toys and tools for young children that provide innumerable opportunities for brain stimulation, growth, and development. It strives to unleash the utmost potential of our little ones by bringing to them innovative ways to play, learn and grow.

Brainsmith do this by designing an exclusive assortment of early learning experiences, by ensuring the collection is child-safe, by building a dedicated, diverse and creative team who believes in our vision and by bringing the happiest times to your little ones. The learning resources include Flashcards, Wooden Toys, and Storybooks which are joyous to engage with for children, parents and educators alike.

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