Find out if running really helps your sex life

Too much running can possibly cause a drop in testosterone and trigger restlesness and loss of appetite.

Staying in shape has a lot of benefits and it has been considered a way to help people have a better time in bed. At the same time, there have also been debates concerning how much is too much, as experts suggest that excess time spent working out can drain the energy required to perform well in bed.

While some studies suggest that a rigorous workout may desensitise a woman’s vagina and deprive them of sexual pleasure, running it seems has a different effect since a study says that people felt a higher desire to have sex after running.

The findings suggested that 51 percent of those observed said that they were turned on by the energy boost they got from running. Experts suggest that this may be due to the fact that being proud of one triggers higher libido in a person.

The study also found that running leaves people feeling strong and confident, hence enhancing their abilities in bed. It showed that not only does running prove beneficial for sex, but the same works the other way round, since having sex strengthens the hips as well.

Research suggested that feeling good about their body makes people want to have sex more and being active is a great aphrodisiac. This may be due to a boost in endorphins including serotonin and dopamine, as one promotes happiness and another triggers excitement and arousal.

Meanwhile too much is not good when it comes to running as well, since the testosterone drops and women can’t stop menstruating due to over training, and this causes a drop in libido with a rise in restlessness, inability to sleep and loss of appetite.

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