Being 'too fit' can also ruin a man's desire for sex

A lot of men who got too much into fitness reported unwillingness to use their bed for anything other than sleeping.

Sex is usually connected to people having a healthy lifestyle along with physical well being. Studies over the years have also linked sex and physical fitness since sex is known for sound physical and mental health while physical fitness is considered beneficial for a satisfying sex life.

But new information suggests that while being fit can increase chances of great sex, focusing too much on your physique can result in no desire to have sex at all. The study said that while losing a bit of weight increases libido, training more at higher intensity can actually reduce libido year by year.

But the study doesn’t shed light on when exactly men start losing interest in sex, but a lot of people have experienced the unwillingness to use the bed for reasons other than sleeping as it got miserable before they knew they needed help.

Although the most common assumption for this might be fatigue after too much strain on the body, researchers feel it’s the lowering of testosterone levels in the body as an outcome of exercise that causes loss of sex drive.

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