Woman develops scent with her vaginal fluids to attract men

History books reveal it was a used as a method of seduction in the past.

An American woman has made perfume from her vaginal secretions in the hopes of attracting men.

Chemicals known as pheromones in the body are believed to play a massive role when it comes to attraction.

Upon research Writer Allison Ramirez discovered that back in the day all one had to do was "stick a finger down there and then use said finger to dab your 'natural perfume' on your pulse points", according to a report by the Daily Mail.

History books also reveal courtesans of medieval Europe used it as a method of seduction.

Thinking it too "uncivilized" to just dab around the body, she reached out to a perfume maker to create her own one of a kind scent.

Essential oils like rose, cinnamon, aniseed and benzoin she was told have aphrodisiac qualities and would mix well with her contribution.

In the end Ramirez decided to make her perfume with cedar, rose and civette.

She then decided to test her "secret weapon" on a few dates. Ramirez was happy to report they were pretty successful.

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