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63rd Day Of Lockdown

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When the heart and mind align

Published : Dec 31, 2018, 12:28 am IST
Updated : Dec 31, 2018, 12:28 am IST

Delhi—based psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist, Dr Dimple Kaur is also a leading Bharatnatyam dancer.

Dr Dimple Kaur
 Dr Dimple Kaur

Dr Dimple Kaur is a multi-talented individual who is focused on her goals and ambitions and is a true example of determination for her generation and even today's youth. She goes candid and reveals her true passion, work and the goals she has achieved and the ones she wants to achieve more, as well.

She was so focused to prove her mark and reach her goals that she would utilise all the available time in learning and practising along with following her heart with the hard work that it required and therefore, everything is integrated within her. She manages to dabble between many activities and on the work front as well. Whether she is dealing with patients or conducting a corporate training workshop, or whether she is creating a new choreography, the need to do good and share her learning, remains paramount.

“Though it is a lot of hard work and endless hours of practice, I find it enjoyable because it is not a job for me— it is my passion. For me, time is never a constraint and passion is constant. Whether it is by providing training to corporate human resources thereby benefiting an organisation or by other activities which I indulge in to fulfil my creative pursuits, I contribute to the well being of the society and Indian culture,” says Dimple Kaur.

Feeling fortunate to be born in India, a country which she says is unparalleled in art and culture and which is the fountain head of knowledge, she talks about the little known hidden facet which is the art of mind and body healing. She says that it is lying dormant in Natya Shastra by Bharata Muni. Her true passion lies in regaining the pride in what we already have.

“My soul’s passion is to bring forth to the world this fountain head of knowledge in the form of Applied Natya Therapy so as to remove pain and suffering from the sick and make a healthier and happier India. This is my overriding passion and I will continue to promote this in India and in the world in years to come. Our art and culture is one of the most beautiful and meaningful traditions in the world and therefore it’s positive aspects need to be propagated,” continues Kaur.

She also adds, “To be able to live the dream and realising the purpose is a very fulfilling feeling. I keep my purpose ahead of me and I know there is lot more work to be done. I have done few things and it feels good to be appreciated but as they say ‘miles to go before I sleep’.”

Life has been a great as well as a tough teacher to her. She has seen many ups and downs, which made her realise that everything is transitory and transforming.  “By the time I was 18, I had seen drastic financial as well as emotional ups and downs which made me realise the importance of money in the society and also that it was just a means to an end. I had experienced both sides of the spectrum, which helped me in understanding the emotions at both ends,” quotes Dr Kaur.

“It was Bharatanatyam which was my calling in my school days. I used to record the TV programme which used to come on DD and then try and learn hands movements or some foot steps from the video. It was as if drawn by a hidden inspiration. My mother then realised that I am totally drawn to dance and she put me in dance classes,” reveals Kaur.

Upon being asked about dance and psychology early in her life she says, “It was a calling, a fascination since age of 6 or 7 years , as far as I can remember. I just had to do it! Psychology came post my graduation. I could just sense and feel the transformative power of Indian classical dance but I needed a language and tools to prove it empirically. The desire to establish the hidden power of dance led me to study psychotherapy. Dance education, learning and performing, continued in parallel. Psychotherapy was a tool to convert this art to science for the common man to understand and benefit from its potency to heal. Amalgamation of age old traditions of dance wearing a new age dress of scientific understanding and  psychology.”

Apart from her work and living her passion, she loves to travel and go all around the world. “Hawaii and London are the two amazing places: I was amazed by the natural beauty of Hawaii and the royal splendour as well as preservation of history in London. In India, I love going to Shantiniketan  and Chennai. I find them mesmerising. The nature and the vision of Tagore, the history and the temples in and around Chennai,” she comments. To be able to germinate the idea of Natya Shasta and bring it to scientific and education platform at world stage has been her greatest achievement according to her.

Upon being asked about her future plans she says, “My vision is to make the name of Bharata and Natya Shastra to be known across the world. To accomplish this vision, I need to prepare the entrepreneurial team well versed in ANT and also to bring out relevant literature about and around it.” On a conclusive note she signs off saying, “My vision is also to be able to psycho educate more and more people about psychotherapy and remove the taboo around it.”

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