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It's very important to rejuvenate your home. Here's how you can give your home a makeover to welcome New Year.

As the new year dawns upon us every time, some of us get into a makeover spree and the rest of us take a back seat and just clean up or rearrange our existing surroundings. Unless you have the money to redecorate your home every season, it is often hard on the pocket to keep up with the trend. Here are a few tips that will help you. It is, however, important to rejuvenate your home as much as you do to yourself. Your home is your launch pad to every day of the year ahead. You must have read on downsizing and space utilisation for storage, and this time, keeping all those tricks in mind, let us tackle some ideas of incorporating trends for the coming year.

The task at hand may seem inordinate, but downsizing or de-cluttering is definitely the place to start. Organising, filtering out an cleaning up help you get a better picture of where you stand, and also a clean slate to draw on. The veracity of all that follow will indeed depend on how far you can stretch the budget to move with a chic stroke into the New Year. The budget will nevertheless determine if it is the wall that is getting a makeover or the furniture that is being replaced.

Every year, the trends come with new tones and hues. They also often entail trendy material of the season or year. With every design magazine proclaiming the 2019 pantone of the year can be difficult to decide what the right choice is. The thing to remember when in such doubt, with a plethora of palettes, is that the best choice of colour is often a very personal one. The effective way to make a choice if you are planning on painting a wall with a trendy tone is to make sure if it goes well with the furniture you already have, and do not plan to replace. While picking new material, try to either match it wit the existing materials or use the new material as accents or showstoppers of sorts. If the project is a brand new one, feel free to splurge enough to quench your thirst of the 2019 trends.

From flamboyant wallpapers to patterned ceilings, the list is endless regarding what you can add to pep up the room. Floral prints and geometric patterns gained popularity in 2018. Wallpapers were also the convoite of 2018 and will continue into 2019. The patterns and colours on these wallpapers will, however, have a much stronger tone in the coming year, so make a choice that will accentuate your furniture or vice versa. Brass bathroom fixtures have also gained popularity towards the end of the year and will surely surge into the year ahead. The best way to make this switch is the next time your plumber can’t seem to stop the water seeping through your faucet.

If all of these seem a bit upscale for your choice or budget, remember that trends are always in par with retro style designs and traditional décor. Traditional is indeed timeless and trendy in its own way. Vintage ideas are fortunately always in style. Try to mix and match your new décor with vintage items if need be. However, blending them in the right tone is what often helps create the magic. Some simple things such as a change in the lampshades or an extra fur throw on your aging couch can also light up the room in a fresh note. Lights also play a huge role in setting the ambience. Even a change of bulbs with softer toned lights can change your space to a great extent. Nothing has to be avant-garde to make an impression.

The writer is an architect who is passionate about the spaces she designs as well as dances in

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