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Colour it in context

Published : Oct 30, 2018, 12:07 am IST
Updated : Oct 30, 2018, 12:07 am IST

Striking a balance between colour and textures is the most efficient way to do up your home...

Vases, artwork and a pop of colour can create the right vibrancy in a home’s interiors
 Vases, artwork and a pop of colour can create the right vibrancy in a home’s interiors

Colours and textures are a vital part of home décor and ensuring that they are used well makes a house, a home. And adds vibrancy to your haven.

Colour Coordinated
Colour balance is one of the most essential elements for a home that imbues warmth. It is a factor that is often ignored, while designing an appropriate interior style. “Light colours should be used for walls of smaller and compact spaces. The space can further be accentuated with bright prints, florals or dark patterns to add a little character and liveliness. Mixing warm colours with cool ones creates the right balance for a homely feel. Using opposite sets of tones complements and forms a great combination,” explains Nikhil Tiwari, founder and designer, Topstona. In today’s minimalistic era, neutral colours are here to stay for long, and textures are the new way forward to create depth in living spaces. Balancing your home’s colour palette requires a measured understanding of your personal style and furniture choices. Deciding on the style that best reflects your personality, colours will follow from there. “Apart from this, the lighting in the space also determines colours chosen. For a warm and sunny room, opt for darker toned fabrics and textures to balance the brightness in the room. You can do the opposite for rooms with less lighting, opting for lighter coloured fabrics and reflective surfaces,” says Ritika Dhingra, design head, visual merchandising, Urban Ladder

Texture Tales
Textures add a distinct feel to the ambience. It depends on the way you choose to pair colour and texture. Certain elements might not be an absolute necessity, but can surely add to the overall aesthetics of your home. “Rugs and carpets are a great way of adding solid textures to your room, and a pop of colour which complements the feel of a room. Wall decor will add another dimension to create a focal point or feature on a wall. While cushions are the showstoppers! They are responsible for adding the biggest pop of colours on your chairs and sofas.

When selecting cushions, mix designs with plains and textures to add layers to the look you are trying to create,” Lyndsay Smith, buying head, Westside Home, opines. Textures are an excellent way to decorate bathrooms. Stone cladding is also trending at the moment. These earthy additions can imbibe a timeless appeal and are also highly durable and long lasting.

Cushions, vases, artwork and lamps and a pop of colour can create the right vibrancy in a home’s interiors.Cushions, vases, artwork and lamps and a pop of colour can create the right vibrancy in a home’s interiors.

Contemporary Cues
Your interiors give you limitless possibilities for decoration. You can beautify your home by adding paintings, shelves, embellishments like silverware and antiques which add texture to your walls. Vibhor Jain, co-founder and director sales and marketing, ArgentOr Silver says, “The theme of the interior space inspires the design and creation of our products. We ensure that the colours and textures complement the space available, adding a touch of liveliness to the surroundings.” There are endless design concepts and themes that can be used to make the interior decor delightful. Usually, home decoration requires a few basic rearrangements like furniture shifting, the addition of new textures or colours on walls alongwith some decorative objects scattered for effect. However, such rearrangements are observed commonly. Here are a few tips that will help you create surroundings as per the suitable aesthetics and taste, using colour and texture. Additions of small pop of colour like paintings and art works inspired by the colour palette of the room are a great idea. Your home is an extension of who you are and colours and textures are the best way to make your home reflect your persona.

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