UK hospital claims shortage of staff as dead body lies for eight hours

The dead body would have been there for even longer had bed not been needed for another patient.

A UK hospital left a patient dead in her bed on a ward for eight and a half years.

Other people in the ward were horrified as the corpse lay ignored in sweltering heat for the entire duration of time.

One of the patient’s visitor Helen Rega, said that the pensioner’s daughter was at her bedside when she died at 7am, and that the body was still on the bed at 3.30pm.

Helen went on to add that she though the dead deserved a bit more dignity and respect and feels that the daughter must be very disturbed on knowing her mum was left there for all that time in the sweltering heat.

An orderly from the Univeristy Hospital of Wales in Cardiff blamed shortage of staff during weekends for the patient being left the way she was.

The employee went on to add that it was not surprising as it happened at a weekend when there were staff shortage and the body would have probably just stayed there if the bed was not needed by someone else.

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