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  Life   More Features  30 Apr 2019  Green additions for a lively decor

Green additions for a lively decor

Published : Apr 30, 2019, 12:04 am IST
Updated : Apr 30, 2019, 12:04 am IST

Real or artificial flora and foliage is apt in adding peace and harmony to your space.

Floral centerpieces like vases, bonsai pots when integrated into a house, add to a tropical yet refreshing look.
 Floral centerpieces like vases, bonsai pots when integrated into a house, add to a tropical yet refreshing look.

It is said that the colour green has a calming effect on the eyes, and we all know that placing real or artificial flora and foliage inside a home completely uplifts the mood of the decor. Since Indian summers are not exactly famous for outdoor scenes, why not bring the lush inside your home and create a mini green space with decorative plants?

Floral centerpieces like vases, bonsai pots when integrated into a house, add to a tropical yet refreshing look. Such curated pieces fill up the emptiness of interior space and add life to a dull corner. Interior expert Natasha Jain, CEO and a co-founder describes how to enhance the surroundings with floral centerpieces and maintain a colour balance at the same time. “Fresh floral vases create a beautiful environment and add sensuality to a room. Whereas, placing bonsai pots inside your home is an amazing idea, and at the same time, pursue a gardening hobby. Indoor plants purify the air and stimulate the décor with a chic vibe. Moreover, as compared to fresh flowers, indoor plants, last much longer adding value to your budget.”



An elegant and relaxed way to add greenery to a home setting can be done with potted succulents that  add and also double up as  green living accessories for a sustainable theme. “Plants add colour to an otherwise monochrome, lifeless scheme and enhance any design without interfering with other important elements. Indoor plants and their containers can also act as an accessory in the interior design by creating an overall look and feel of the space. Choose decorative plants like elephant ear, fiddle leaf fig and alocasia, to set up a cool corner near your balcony, living room or kitchen area,” suggests Prachi Agarwal, an interior expert.


Faux plants and flowers are trending a lot these days, and there are numerous advantages of these artificial blooms. Natasha  elaborates on how to make the most of faux plants inside your living space. She says, “If you are unable to keep indoor plants alive, then faux ones are the best option. They provide instant decoration and are cost-effective. One can fill up a corner by placing a faux plant or use tropical ceiling planters to beautify their surroundings. Floral centerpieces can also be considered in order to curate a botanical haven in the right way. While styling faux flowers, style each stem individually before adding it to an arrangement to make it look more realistic. Using the right shape vase for the flowers also creates a huge difference.”

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