Thar treasures

Capturing all the colours of Rajasthan is one Hurculean task.

In an effort to bring out the vibrancy of the land of the kings, the capital was embellished in the colours of Rajasthan, courtesy a recently organised exhibition called ‘Vibrant Rajasthan’. The exhibition showcased the works of artist Priyanka Banerjee at the India Habitat Centre.

The collection was an amalgamation of paintings on different mediums like watercolour on paper, acrylics on canvas and soft pastels on paper. Priyanka explains the reason behind choosing Rajasthan as a subject. The royal state, she feels, has artistic and cultural traditions that reflect the ancient way of life. The region has always been a muse to her, as it is replete with forts and palaces speaking innumerable tales of the bygone era. “I derive innate joy from seeing the magnificent forts retain their characteristic Rajasthani charm. They inspire me to express myself on the canvases time and again,” she adds.

Most of her artwork is realistic and based on architecture, smiling faces of people, landscapes and so on. She explains, “It’s a great challenge to execute the paintings in such a manner that the viewers are able to connect with them. A deep insight into the place is required to render a realistic touch to them.”


The happy and colourful memories that leave an ever-lasting impression on one’s psyche is what makes Rajasthan so charming. “The rich architecture, its ageless history, the artistic splendour, the colourful attires of the Rajasthani people, their unforgettable smiles, the vibrant turbans, etc. make Rajasthan vibrant,” she recalls.

Whether a person is an art curator or an artist, the most important aspect is to do justice to the subject. She expresses, “When people appreciate the artworks, I feel that I have done justice in painting the region to its full glory. Some parts of Rajasthan have been explored by me while others still remain unexplored.” She further adds, “However, it gives me contentment to depict the state in its myriad hues and get an appreciation for my endeavours by the art connoisseurs and art lovers.”

Sometimes, the colours on a colour palette are just not enough. “I had to capture the mood of the place realistically and convincingly for the viewers to get connected. Though it was a Herculean task, my love for the state made the task easier.”

There is an underlying message that exists within these works. “Indian heritage exemplifies a vibrant medley of people belonging to different traditions, religions, customs and languages. I have tried to portray this aspect through my artwork,” she concludes.

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