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Be kitchen calmfidential

Published : Aug 29, 2017, 12:31 am IST
Updated : Aug 29, 2017, 12:31 am IST

Bring in personal sensibility and verve into your cooking spaces with interesting and out-of-the-box ideas that exude your personality.

 Open Kitchens usually combine the living, dining, and cooking areas which automatically make any space look larger than it is.
  Open Kitchens usually combine the living, dining, and cooking areas which automatically make any space look larger than it is.

The kitchen is where the heart is. Truly, a home speaks volumes in its spanking warm kitchen interiors. This hub of dining, wining and camaraderie with a whole lot of gumption requires some cool ideas to make it unique. We decoded the new-age kitchen which exudes state-of-the-art while being cosy and comfortable. Here are a few ideas you can try out for your home fires…

Upcycle that kitchen


More and more people are embracing upcycling, thinking about the environment, while trying to reduce consumption as well. Make use of those worn-out old pieces that enhance the look a tad to accessorise in your kitchen. Use old flan tins as frames! You could frame anything — From vintage food posters to recipe or ingredient specs. They add a dash of colour and verve. You can also use an old grater as a utensil holder or a bike wheel as a pot rack. It rotates as well!

Spray paint it to match your kitchen walls or just rock the industrial style look. Or use those old twisted forks as note holders! Glue a magnet on to the fork, paint it if you want, and put it on the fridge. The other thing that comes in handy are those never used, slightly off colour old silver trays. Make them memo or recipe boards. Paint them with chalk board paint and add post-its of the day’s specials that your cook needs on hand.

Go Rustic or industrial

Bringing in elements of a rustic or industrial essence creates a sense of hipness to your cooking interiors. “When it comes to kitchen trends, it’s all about bringing forth a rustic, industrial vibe to the table. Rustic pipes and minimalistic furniture is all very trendy and sure to find takers. Stick to earthy tones and keep the vibe low key. Settle for picks from vintage stores and let there be a balance.

The first step to achieve the look is to de-clutter! Post which you could adorn the space with pipes and metallic accessories,” says Akshatha VR, an interior designer. You can also add a touch of grunge and wearhouse verve to the home fire with old bike and machine parts.

Blended aesthetic 

Gone are the days when the kitchen would have to be separate from the rest of the homely interiors. The in-thing is to welcome guests with the fresh aroma of what’s cooking and the trend is ever evolving too. From simple paint and mosaics, city-based people have taken a turn towards themes and aesthetics. As interiors expert Komal Bhulani claims, “Blended aesthetics are the latest trend in open modular kitchens. People want the vibe and aura of the rest of the house to resonate with their food factories too. The key is to keep it looking minimalistic yet brimming with personal elements.

Themes like farmhouse rustics or dark, sue chef surroundings are growing increasingly popular too. Laminates and veneers have been replaced by reclaimed wood to sync with the whole sustainable aura that the city has been buzzing with.”

The open sesame

Open Kitchens usually combine the living, dining, and cooking areas which automatically make any space look larger than it is. It also allows for the creative use of small, ignored nooks and crannies for storage and appliances. Having an island counter in the kitchen as a work as well as a casual dining space is a great idea especially for apartment living. Dressing it up with bar stools makes it both cool and functional.

The common three-walled structure of open kitchens works well for modular appliances like stove and gas ranges with ovens below them, built in modular fridges, pull-out pantry storage, and window facing sinks and dishwashers. Each of the walls can be used to build a cohesive and comfortable work flow in the kitchen," says Ritika Dhingra, design manager at Urban Ladder.

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