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A shining Prince

Published : May 29, 2018, 12:11 am IST
Updated : May 29, 2018, 12:12 am IST

Prince has braved and battled stiff struggle in life, but is all smiles now.

Prince Kumar with his parents
 Prince Kumar with his parents

The son of a DTC bus conductor, Prince Kumar is one of the CBSE XII toppers this year, having scored 97 percent marks. He talks about his aspirations, challenges, and the road ahead.

The son of a DTC bus conductor, Prince Kumar from Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya in Dwarka’s Sector 10 is one of the CBSE board toppers this year, having scored 97 per cent in the Class XII results. Prince has braved and battled stiff struggle in life, but is all smiles now.  

The topper did not have it easy but was determined to optimise all the sources that he did have. He and his sister wanted a study room in their small home. “So we converted the bathroom into a study room. We kept all our books there. It gave us the privacy to study. However, it also meant that we had to study in shifts. If she had an exam, she would study the previous day and if I had an exam the nest day, I would study.”

The arrangement had the family living like this for two years. While the bright student harboured a dream of joining the Indian Army, he suffered from tuberculosis in 2017 and wasn’t able to clear the practical exam. “I am now trying to explore options in engineering. Electronic communications fascinate me a lot. But I would still like to be a part of the Indian Army. Electronic communication is a big part of defence, so I am hopeful,” he says.

But academic knowledge is not all that interests him. “We made a model on health and well being which was selected at the state level. It was a website to help people,” he shares.

Prince has also won many competitions as a part of his school kabaddi team. “I can’t stress the need for extra-curricular activities enough. To anyone preparing for these exams for the coming year, I’d like to say that pay attention to your studies but don’t forget the extra-curricular activities. They are very important for personal development. Continue with your hobbies as well. Only studying will not lead you anywhere.”

While people prefer to send their children to private schools in India, Prince says, “The difference between a government school and a private school is only in terms of infrastructure. The teachers we have are in fact more qualified and able as compared to those in private schools. The teachers of government schools have a standard test to qualify before they are hired, that is not the case in private schools. It is mostly based on their degrees. So we have the best teachers in government schools.”

Prince KumarPrince Kumar

“However,” he adds, “The Delhi state government is working a lot towards improving the infrastructure in government schools as well. The state government is spending on schools and it is an investment. I am an economics student and I know how this will help all of us in the future. This allocation of a large part of the budget to the education department is a great step. We can only develop if we are educated.”

He wishes the Indian education system shifts its focus to practical knowledge. While the education system in India puts a lot of pressure on students, especially around the time of board exams, Prince is thankful for the parental support he received. “I am very connected to my family. They never pressurised me to score very high marks. As I was keeping unwell, they told me not to exert myself. My father used to feed me everyday and he is the one who kept a tab of my medicines as well. I am very attached to him. My mother has also been very supportive.”

Talking about the media attention he is receiving, he laughs, “I feel like a celebrity. People are saying you are in the limelight now and it won’t be so in a few days. I have been advised to not let this attention affect me.

So I am not ignoring the media attention but also not letting it get to my head. I have miles to go and lots to do in the near future.”

He is awaiting his JEE Advance results now.

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