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Digital invite: Wedding trend this season

Published : Apr 29, 2019, 6:02 pm IST
Updated : Apr 29, 2019, 6:02 pm IST

Fun and trendy GIF wedding cards are making it big this wedding season.

Simplifying the concept of wedding in India with GIF invite. (Photo: File)
 Simplifying the concept of wedding in India with GIF invite. (Photo: File)

In this digital era everything seems to be changing at a fast pace so how can the wedding industry lag behind? In an attempt to simplify the Indian wedding, InviteKaro launches first of its kind GIF wedding invites. Their mission is to simplify Indian weddings; to focus less on chores and more on the sanctity of Indian weddings.

According to Kanchan Arora, who is an NRI shares," My wedding will be in July and because of my travelling schedule, I don't think so that it will be possible for me to invite every guest remotely; instead of meeting them in-person. Plus, it will also save my budgets, that I can allocate anywhere else,"

InviteKaro combines multiple layers of animations into one to come up with the perfect personalised GIF card for the couple. This is a futuristic mode of invitation that differentiates itself from how the modern day electronic invites are.

Gif wedding invite

They are either dull email that hit your inbox or are hard and flat images. In some cases the scanned copies of the wedding card, which has been pinged to you on a social media channel. Surely GIFs make for better invites. They can emote and they allow for much more creative freedom.

Wedding cards cut out of paper, prevalent as they are even today, also make for an unnecessary hassle. It starts right from getting them printed, stored, addressed, stamped and finally posted. On top of that, they take their own good time to be delivered.

Add to that how the people who receive these paper invites do not have access to them all the time. It is not on their phones, and they don’t have information about the wedding date, venue etc handy all the time.

Reflecting on how his company is trying to simplify Indian weddings, Arpit Kumar, the founder of InviteKaro, said: “Traditional is no fun if it is inconvenient to you and to the people you love. Who wants to take the hassle of going out, picking a card, finding a nearby courier and actually mailing the wedding cards?

InviteKaro allows you better services from the spacious comforts of your home, where you can relax, pick a design that best represents who you are, how you would want the wedding to be like, and that’s that. Go to the social media of your choice and start shooting invites. It’s that easy. And also fun.”

“Our focus is also on staying ahead of the curve. Paper cards might continue to survive but digital is the present, and it is important to think beyond,” Kumar further added.

Paper wedding cards do not do another thing right. Because they are made out of felled trees, they harm the environment directly. GIF wedding cards, on the other hand, help you achieve the same goal, i.e. of inviting your folks to the wedding but do so with a marked consideration for Mother Nature.

It can be your small step towards helping the earth and reducing your carbon footprint, insignificant as it may be, but it will be a start.

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