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Bhutan, the happy place

Published : Mar 28, 2019, 5:21 am IST
Updated : Mar 28, 2019, 5:21 am IST

Bengaluru-based singer Aabha Hanjura was mesmerised by the country that follows the gross national happiness index, Bhutan.

Aabha Hanjura
 Aabha Hanjura

1. Travelled on a vacation to Bhutan in November, but I feel that the best time to visit this scenic country is during September and October. Bhutan has a beautiful spiritual vibe, and it is a destination more for people who enjoy culture. I was intrigued by Bhutan because it has got the tag of highest gross national happiness among people. It is simple, different and untouched. Known for its monasteries and treks, the trek I would recommend people to do is the Tigers Nest or Paro Taktsang trek to a monastery at the top of a mountain. You should also try the hot stone baths that help take away any kind of pain.

2. Food-wise, the cuisine is very simplistic, and does not have a lot of options but you should definitely try the Ema Datshi, their national dish. It is basically a chilli cheese curry great to have in the cold weather.

3 You can travel to this country from Baghadogra by road or take a flight. You need a permit to enter, and then cross over to Phuntsholing and Jaigaon, as driving is recommended as the views are spectacular.

4. In terms of shopping, you can buy beautiful handmade clothes, bags, natural soaps and a lot of handmade arts and crafts. It is on the expensive side, mind you.

5. Bhutan can become very cold, so carry a lot of thermal wear. If you hiking, carry the necessary hiking gear. To discover the actual culture of Bhutan, be ready to walk.
— As told to Ruth Prarthana

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