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Here’s why gifting animals during festive season is not a good idea

Published : Dec 27, 2018, 3:47 pm IST
Updated : Dec 27, 2018, 3:47 pm IST

Animals can't be a perfect gift unless their needs are fully organised.

Pets need loads of nourishment and care for their wellbeing.
 Pets need loads of nourishment and care for their wellbeing.

Washington: The festive season is already here and people are brainstorming for the perfect gift. The comfort and joy of a pet may seem like a great option, but there might be a problem to it.

Turns out, global animal shelters and animal welfare organisations discourage giving animals as gifts.

"Animals do not belong underneath a Christmas tree," Sven Fraaß, a spokesman for the Hanover animal shelter told CNN. They are "family members whose adoption needs thorough consideration."

Adopting a pet requires a lot of consideration. There are many costs associated with raising an animal, such as food and medical appointments.

Costs can also exceed expectations if the pet gets sick and requires surgery. Several countries have also stopped animal adoptions during the holidays to discourage careless adoptions that often lead to the animals being returned or abandoned.

Pets require a lot of attention and care. Children can lose interest fast, and the deal over who will walk the dog or clean the cat's litter box can easily become a point of contention. How much space the animal needs and the right environment are also important considerations, according to Hoger.

Adopting a pet will "completely change your lifestyle," explained Steve Craddock, manager for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. If someone is giving an animal "as a gift, it is likely they won't have taken into consideration all those aspects, particularly not if it's a surprise gift."

Another reason that discourages adoptions over Christmas is the stress during this festive period. Many families have guests, but the animals should settle into their new home in peace.


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