Snake expert lets his own black mamba bite him, films his death after marital breakdown

Although the exact moment when the serpent bites him isn't included in the footage but he shows the snakebite on his hand.

People across the world have their own way of dealing with heartbreak but everyone doesn’t have the ability to cope with such setbacks in life. While there are those who may take extreme steps following tragic developments in life, some go a step forward using social media as a platform.

Following incidents like people posting videos before killing themselves and a girl shooting a video while her sister died in an accident, a heartbroken snake expert in Russia live streamed his suicide. The man named Arslan Valeev from St Petersburg made his own pet black mamba bite his hand as his marriage broke down.

The blogger who pleaded viewers to call his wife Ekaterina ‘Katya’ Pyatyzhkina as his condition deteriorated on camera, also showed the snake bite to people. The moment when the snake bit Arslan and his death aren’t shown, but he can be seen staggering to the bathroom towards the end, where he died soon afterwards.

His breath quickens as his eyes can be seen rolling and his muscles seem to go numb in the footage.

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