The new age Instagram influencer with motive to make a difference -- Reya S

Meet Reya Sajnani, born and raised in Dubai.

Meet Reya Sajnani, born and raised in Dubai. A creative advertiser by education and now a content creator and entrepreneur, you need to follow!

With multiple businesses, both professional and personal, Reya aims to set a new trend to the global Instagram family.

Reya has been a lover of Fashion since she can remember. Playing dress up with her friends has been some of her fondest memories growing up. Her natural career in the fashion industry comes as no surprise since it is driven by love for clothes and history.

“Some of the best fashion in the world comes out of India, it hurts me to see that globally especially in the Middle East, my home- it doesn’t have the awareness it deserves. I first started out just noticing great designs, forms, fabrics and cuts that I would not find anywhere else in the world. Once I started wearing them I realized people in Dubai weren’t aware about the fashion choices India had to offer. It makes me so proud to wear clothes designed and produced in India. A few years later my interest in a more sustainable lifestyle started to grow, obviously fashion had to be a major part of that, this is when I found some of the brands I now wear and love. Sustainable fashion is a harder choice to make, it isn’t as accessible or versatile, but I’m here to change that Mindset”, she says.

True to her heritage and roots, she makes sure to promote and speak about designers from India, she finds their work very unique and needs the world to see them.

She aims to create a world of fashion where labels are not followed, but style is. Looking at her content, we can surely say she’s doing a good job at it!

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