Man kills pet dog, cooks and feeds it to his other mutt

Dog owner cooks pet pooch with onions, an OXO cube, salt and pepper. Nabbed, when friend notices the dog missing.

A sick dog owner strangled his own collie with lead before cutting up its body, cooking it with onions and an OXO cube and feeding it to his other pet dog.

The man, Dominic-O’Connor, 27, bought the four-year-old collie called Jess via Facebook before cooking her into a stew to feed his dog Shadow. He was only convicted after a friend noticed a foul smell at his County Down home and reported him to the police.

Jurors found him guilty after less than five minutes of deliberations.

During the two-day trial, jurors heard horrific details about how O’Connor cooked the dog with seasoning.

According to cops the beastly owner said that he strangled it with shorter lead and then cut it up and cooked some of it and fed it to the dog and put the rest of it on the fire.

He apparently said, “I cooked it and fed it to the other dog with a few onions and an Oxo cube and salt and pepper.”

The jury heard he tried to chop up Jess’s ­carcass with an axe and then a bread knife before burning the body in a blaze.

When officers arrived at his home, they found what appeared to be burnt dog hair in the grate with a liquid oozing from it.

According to a police officer who was at the scene, there appeared to be fragments of bone mixed with the ash. . . a stringy type of meat like stewing steak in a pot in the kitchen and a similar pot of stew.”

According to a friend of O’Connor, she was surprised that she saw Jess one day but not the next. And she’d heard her pal say to Shadow: “I told you I was going to get another dog and let you taste it.”

She described how despite having carried out the atrocious killing, O’Connor was “all happy and stuff . . . just his normal self” — but said his gaff “seemed strange. . . there was a weird smell to it”.

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