In video: Police dog performs CPR to 'save' handler's life who plays dead

Video by Madrid police sees officer dramatically fall to ground before lying down and staying perfectly still.

In an impressive video doing rounds on twitter, an adorable dog wearing flashing police light can be seen ‘saving’ the life of his trainer by performing CPR on him.

The video, taken and posted by Madrid police on the Twitter handle sees the police officer dramatically fall to the ground before lying down and staying perfectly still.

The tiny dog, named Poncho, then runs over to his fallen handler and straight away tries to wake him up by pushing his side.

When he does not respond, the dog jumps up and down on his chest four times before placing his ear next to the police officer’s mouth to listen for any traces of breathing. After doing that, he goes back to jumping up and down before repeating the move once again.

The Madrid police uploaded the video to their Twitter feed with the caption: '"Heroic" performance of our #4pawedcompanion Poncho, who did not hesitate for a moment to "save the life" of the agent, practicing the #CPR in a masterful way.

'"The dog is the only being in the world that will love you more than he loves himself" - John Billings.'

The clip has gone viral on Twitter, racking up nearly 2.2 million views since being uploaded three days ago.

One commenter said: 'That's so true. Noble selfless and always helping'

Another wrote: 'What a smart dog! It is worth its weight in gold. Adorable and tender.'

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