DUMP your partner on a split app'

In the age of Tinder, the need for apps that help one break up are finding many takers.

How cruel would it be to have an app send texts like, “Your boyfriend thinks you are ugly and a bore.” In an era where you don’t even have to go to a restaurant to eat, using apps to break up with your partner won’t come as a shock to many.

A new app called Binder is the Tinder of breaking up, where you swipe right to dump your partner. And minutes later, they receive a message with the most hilarious reasons for the break-up. Kavya Rathor, a communication student who feels this trend could come in handy today, says, “Relationships are treated very causally these days and even breaking up seems like a task. So when people can choose their partner through an app, why not break up the same way?”

Kavya RathorKavya Rathor

The digital break-up market has tonnes of other apps with the most bizarre features ever. There’s BreakupText, BreakupShop and DrunkDial that help people conclude a relationship just with a few taps. An app called KillSwitch seamlessly removes all traces of your ex from your Facebook profile so you can move on! Although breaking up via an app might come as a joke to many, looks like our city folks like ending things on a personal note. Prabhanjan Vaidya, an engineering student, says, “If the relationship meant anything at all to me, I would break up personally. That is something a person must do out of courtesy.” While Priyanka Mehta, a media student, feels talking things out in person would be her way of ending a relationship, “I would definitely talk things out in person rather than using silly, robotic apps to end a relationship.”

A Bengaluru-based app called Dunzo added a new feature where they show up in person, dump your partner and get back all your stuff from them! Although the trend has not been very prevalent, Kabeer Biswas, founder of the app, tells us how this idea actually came about, “The idea came up because a couple actually used it and enough people from the city found it cute. Our core purpose is to make things easy, be it personal or emotional.”

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