Boot'iful life!

Thigh-high boots have caught the attention of our fashionistas who are sporting them everywhere this season.

No other trend looks as chic and classy as this one. Perfect for those cold months when all you want to do is stay warm and cozy and yet make a style statement. Knee-high boots that have time and again been paraded around by stars should be a must -have in your wardrobe this season. Actresses like Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Parineeti Chopra and many others have sported them.

With all the parties that you will be attending this festive season, knee-high boots is what you need to make heads turn. Giving us a little history about this trend, designer Prerana Sarkar says, “Used initially by stable hands, fishermen and others to protect their feet, knee-high boots are now a fashion statement. From then it has evolved extensively.”

The versatility of this trend knows no bounds. “Initially these boots only came in leather. But some people might find it uncomfortable to carry it off. Therefore designers now are experimenting with various fabrics like suede, corduroy, knit, felt etc,” adds designer Ranjeeta Sundar. Striking a balance when it comes to nailing a trend is of utmost importance.

Designer Pooja Prasad adds, “For a city like Bengaluru where it is just pleasantly cold, you can wear the boots with a short dress or denim shorts during the day. For a casual evening look, you can team it with a long sweater. You can also wear it with a long dress with high slits for a more formal look. Boots teamed with black tights is very flattering for any body type.”

Ranjeeta feels strongly that one should stick to dark basic colours for knee-high boots. She adds, “I would love to pair knee-high boots with a long T-shirt and a broad belt. Just ensure that the belt and boots are in the same colour.”

Prerana adds, “To accessorise it, wear a thin chain or pendent around your neck. If you are going for a party then wear a round ring or long classy earring . Do not opt for any heavy jewellery which will make you look clumsy. Always keep it simple and minimal. You can use scarfs to add a corporate touch when you go to work.” A balance between your entire outfit and the boots is a must. “Balance is the key for pulling off knee-high boots. Depending on your body structure, it is important to use the illusion of elongating your legs,” concludes Pooja.

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