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The power of vows

Published : Nov 24, 2016, 4:20 am IST
Updated : Nov 24, 2016, 7:16 am IST

Our vows are charged with several intense emotions, which we carry with us — beyond time and space.

Our soul is immortal and some of these words are imprinted on us across lives.
 Our soul is immortal and some of these words are imprinted on us across lives.

We often Intentionally or unintentionally we take many vows — ‘I will never fall in love’; ‘I will never meet my family’, etc. But do we realise how they are affecting us or may affect us in the future? The fact is, we don’t realise that some of these vows are charged with such intense emotions that we carry it across with us — beyond time and space.

Our soul is immortal and some of these words are imprinted on us across lives. It is thus very important that we should be very careful before taking any vow or at the least be careful with our words. A vow of poverty can be taken for a different reason. For example, a wealthy young woman was really enjoying her life. She went for a ride in her car and was hijacked, robbed of her jewels, and murdered.  As she was dying, she thought, ‘Being rich is not a good idea. My money got me murdered, and I was so young!  I vow that in my next incarnation, I'm going to stay poor!’ In this case, the vow of poverty was taken as an attempt of self-defense. In the next incarnation, poverty did not feel so safe either, and the woman came to me for a Soul Detective session to clear this vow.

Now, if we think, it is just restricted to our past life — it certainly isn’t. It can also be an experience in the current life, which can trigger an emotion or vow in our belief system.

A child seeing his father being too busy with his professional life and earning material wealth, and unable to give enough time to his family, can take a vow innocently — I do not wish to be so rich, that I lose my family life. Such child, no matter how much he tries, has sub-consciously created a barrier between him and material success, because of the vow. A flip side to this is, what if this vow is taken with complete awareness?

One day, a young girl from a village, saw her mother and other women being abused by society. She was in deep pain, but she used this pain in right awareness and took a vow — I will definitely change the destiny of all the women I can. As she started grew up, she completely forgot about it, but her subconscious mind, which is approximately 90% of our mind, remembered it. When she went to her college and saw a girl being physical abused, her subconscious got triggered and without realising, her entire perspective on life changed and she started manifesting the life of her vow. Years later, she became one of the biggest activists, working for the betterment of women in our society.

So, keep all of this next time when you take a vow and be careful with your words. Any vow taken without the right awareness can be detrimental to our life. It is for no reason, in our culture, that swear words and curses are such a taboo.

The writer is a spiritual scientist and life coach      

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