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Age is just a number

Published : Aug 24, 2018, 5:48 am IST
Updated : Aug 24, 2018, 5:48 am IST

A graduate in MSc from Agra University she earned a scholarship to pursue research in the subject of Entomology.

Madhu Singh
 Madhu Singh

Entrepreneur Madhu Singh talks about her love for business as a means to provide employment to the underprivileged section of  society while always managing time for her passion and hobbies in her personal life.

While most get retired at the age of 60, Madhu Singh started a multi-city service apartment brand in India: Perch Residences Pvt. Ltd, spanned over Delhi-NCR, Gurugram and Goa.


When asked what inspired her, Madhu tells, as her export business took her to various international destinations, her stays in serviced apartments nurtured a thought and this marked a new chapter in her life and brought her to where she is today. She identified the potential and the many benefits of this concept and decided to replicate it in India.

A graduate in MSc from Agra University she earned a scholarship to pursue research in the subject of Entomology. “I always wanted to be a business woman, as it seemed something that I always aspired to be. My main motivation is the ability to generate employment for people, and especially those from underprivileged backgrounds. It gives me an immense satisfaction to see my employees prosper,” she says.


When asked what was the first step she took to embark on this unstoppable achievement spree, Singh replies saying, “I started from designing and, that was the start of my journey. This passion for design started when I was really young (straight when I graduated from school). I participated in my first trade exhibition, and even supplied design wares to traders and shops in Central Cottage Emporium. These early trysts with entrepreneurship really helped me through with my journey.”

Madhu Singh

In 1996, Madhu ventured into setting up a business of her own and since then there has been no looking back. She set up a company called ‘Harness India’ that produced soft furnishing items for Indian as well as the international market and gained immense popularity. Madhu was felicitated by the Mauritius Government along with 25 other women entrepreneurs. This helped her find her way into the South African export market scene, making her presence felt extensively in the overseas market in the following years.


“The journey has been satisfying and I look forward to the next chapter of growth for Perch Service Apartments and being able to add properties and service apartments across India,” she adds. Striving to provide best quality services to an inventory of 130 suites as well as a franchise property introduced recently, the brand has earned numerous accolades and awards by renowned bodies and panels. The Perch has recently opened a property in Australia in Melbourne.

Currently we have added our latest property in Gurugram on Golf Course Road and I am busy in the process of getting it up to speed and improving the look and feel of the property.” Being a source of inspiration to many she feels attaining success is by sticking to your dreams, and trying to work hard each day. “I enjoy all roles, and believe in a healthy balance. But if I were to select one role then being an entrepreneur would definitely be my favourite as it helps me provide joy and happiness to others by providing them employment and also hope for a better future,” she continues. She has been a philanthropist as well, who initiated the Pardada-Pardadi NGO.


Winning a number of awards over the years such as in 2012 : Big Brands Research - Service Excellence Award for Best Service Apartments in Gurgaon. she expresses her emotions, “I feel good, a sense of happiness and contentment. But, I also want to continue working hard as I do not want complacency to set in. I always like to raise the bar little higher for myself and my team.”

As a theatre artiste she participated in a drama called Daddy in doubt with the Tamasha group June this year. This stage experience has made her to introduce this culture in her company, where employees are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities as she believes happy people make successful companies.


She loves golf and sticking to her fitness routine. “I would say that try and look for positive examples in your life and also good role models. In my case my first role model was my mother, she was a very forthright person and liked helping others; I would actively encourage everyone to emulate humility and a helping hand to others. From a business perspective, I have always drawn inspiration by how Ratan Tata has conducted his business and I am inspired by his success story and business ethics. So on a conclusive note my message to everyone would be, follow your dreams, help others, remain humble but yes, do not forget to enjoy the journey,” she signs off. 


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